Member resources

All Canadian faculty association staff are automatically members of COFAS; there is no membership fee beyond the annual conference registration.

Member services

In addition to an annual conference, COFAS volunteers maintain:

  • a master list of staff at faculty associations so we can find each other
  • a listserv so we can communicate with each other
  • links to faculty and association handbooks so we can learn from each other

We also distribute awards to COFAS members who go Above and Beyond in their work.

Master list of faculty association staff

To add yourself or another staff member, please email Annabree Fairweather with the staff member’s name, association, title, and date of hire.

We don’t post this list publicly, but we share the link on the COFAS listserv periodically.


COFAS maintains an active listserv where you can share news or ask questions. To join, please email Annabree Fairweather with your name name, association, start date, and email address. Once you’ve joined, you can reach everyone at [email protected]