Part of the benefit of belonging to COFAS is the sharing of information and practices throughout various University Faculty Association offices.  Below you will find a sampling of documents that are used by various associations in their communication with their membership.  If your office has documents that would be helpful to others at COFAS, please send them in electronic format to Jean Roath, Webmaster.

Academic Candidates:

·  CAUT Handbook for New Faculty: Negotiating starting salaries

·  Information for Academic Candidates Brochure [Carleton]

·  Information for people offered appointments in the YUFA bargaining unit [York ]


New Members:

· New Hires Manual [Manitoba ]

· An Introduction to the Academic Freedom & Greivance Committee Pamphlet [Memorial ]

- Welcome New Faculty Members [Windsor]

- Working at Dal handbooks (Dalhousie)



·  Benefits at a Glance [The employer's short guide re benefits applicable to CUASA members]

·  Annual Calendar (paid for by the Insurance Company AAS:UA endorses) [Alberta ]

·  Calendar Deadlines (Collective Agreement) [Carleton ]

·  Do's and Don'ts of Performance Review [Regina]

·  CUASA Ergonomics [Carleton]

·  Faculty Guide to Working at Waterloo [Waterloo]

·  The YUFA Handbook: About YUFA and Your Collective Agreement in plain language [York ] based on YUFA's Frequently Asked Questions

·  Member Education Program [BCIT]


Executive/Board/Association Misc. Committees :

·  Board Manual [Calgary ]

·  Role of the Grievance Officers [Windsor]

·  Role of the Faculty Association Grievance Committee [Windsor]

·  CUASA Electoral Handbook [Carleton ]

·  Executive Officer Job Descriptions [Carleton ]


·  Councillor's Handbook [Windsor]

·  Rules of Order [Windsor]


Bargaining Team:



·  Academic Administrators' Handbook [Carleton]


·  Communications Strategy [The University of Calgary Faculty Association ]

Grievance Procedures/Process:

·  Guide to the Grievance Procedures [Carleton]

·  The Grievance Process [Windsor]


Contract Academic Staff:

·  Handbook for Sessional Instructors [Windsor]

- Sessional Grievance Brochure [Windsor]


Sabbatical Leave:

·  Sabbatical Handbook [Memorial]

 -  Sabbatical Handbook [Carleton]

 - Windsor University Faculty Association Guide for Sabbaticants



·  Promotion & Tenure Calendar (Faculty) [Memorial]

·  Promotion & Tenure Calendar (Librarians) [Memorial]

·  Promotion & Tenure Information [Carleton]

·  A Practical Guide to Promotion and Tenure [Western ]

·  What is fair? A Guide for Peer Review Committees - tenure, renewal and promotion [CAUT ]

- Under the Microscope: Tenure, Promotion and Reappointment (Dalhousie)