Conferences and Organizers

Conferences and Organizers

COFAS holds an annual conference, normally in late May each year.  The conferences rotate through three regions: west, central (Ontario/Quebec) and east.  Each conference is well planned by a site coordinator and an agenda coordinator, with the oversight of the Executive Committee.  All organizers are volunteers who give of their own time to develop and coordinate the annual meetings.  This list is to recognize the contributions and leadership of those who have helped make COFAS conferences an annual success, plus a preview of the upcoming conferences and coordinators..

Year City Program Organizers Site Arrangements
1985 Toronto Bruce Curtis & Joan Gaetz (Calgary) Curtis & Gaetz
1986 Halifax Curtis & Gaetz Jane Cunningham (NSCUFA)
1987 Vancouver Curtis & Gaetz Geoff Crampton (UBC)
1988 Quebec John Dorsay (NSCUFA) Guy Piché (Laval)
1989 St. John's Gordon Unger
& Anne Feilden (Alberta)
Rose Norman (NSCUFA)& Anne Feilden (Alberta)
1990 Victoria Pat Finn (Carleton)
& Susan Taylor (Simon Fraser)
Susan Taylor & Sheila Hildred (Simon Fraser)
1991 Montreal Nora Carey (Saskatchewan
& Sylvia Johannson (Manitoba)
Catherine McCauley (McGill)
1992 Charlottetown Lori Morinville (CAFA) Marion Clarke & Mary Childs (Western)
1993 Banff Marion Perrin and OCUFA staff Alan Meech & Lori Morinville (CAFA)
1994 Stratford Sonja Breau (UNB)
& Pat Finn (Carleton)
Kathryn Willing , Aereal Jantzen & Rosanne Hood (UBC)
1995 Halifax

Robert Clift (CUFA/BC)
& Susan Taylor (Simon Fraser)

Arlene Grant & Brigitte Schotch (Dalhousie)
1996 Winnipeg Suzie Scott (Toronto) Anne Feilden & Roxanne Chamchuk (Alberta), & Sylvia Jansen (Manitoba)
1997 Ottawa Leah Shaw & Ann Fortin (Ottawa) Nancy Gordon (CAUT)
1998 Fredericton

Joseph Varga (McGill)
& Valerie Berry (Concordia)

Sonja Breau (UNB), Jill Diamond-Strong & Kim O'Reilly (MUNFA)
1999 Victoria Bruce Curtis & Carol Rivere (BCIT) Kerry Hall & Nancy Lovelace (UBC) & Denise Lunger (Victoria)
2000 Quebec David Bell (Simon Fraser) Lise Robichaud (Moncton) & Jill Diamond-Strong, Kim O'Reilly (MUNFA)
2001 St. John's Robert Cliff (CUFA/BC)
& Lori Morinville (CAFA)
Jill Diamond-Strong & Kim O'Reilly (MUNFA)
2002 Banff Kimberly Benoit (Brock) Lori Morinville (CAFA) & Colleen Powell (Athabasca)
& Brenda Rennie (Lethbridge) & Jane Coldwell (Acadia)
2003 Niagara-on-the-Lake Kimberly Benoit (Brock)
& Cheryl Berst (Lakehead)
Kimberly Benoit (Brock) & Lauren Tremblay (Western)
2004 Charlottetown Pat Finn & Deborah Jackson (Carleton) Arlene Naugler (Dalhousie)
2005 Vancouver Nancy Lovelace (UBC)  David Bell (Simon Fraser) & Roseanne Hood (UBC)
2006 Montreal Cheryl Berst (Lakehead) Joseph Varga (McGill)
2007 Halifax Debbie Noble (Windsor) Arlene Naugler (Dalhousie)
2008 Calgary Calgary Faculty Association Calgary Faculty Association
2009 Mont Tremblant Kimberly Benoit (Brock) Marie-Claude Delorme (Bishop's)
2010 Moncton Gliies Allain (FNBFA) Arlene Naugler (Dalhousie-at start only) & Lise Robichaud (Moncton)
2011 Victoria Don Kozak (Calgary)
& Doug Dorward (Simon Fraser)
Denise Smith (Victoria)
2012 Niagara Falls

Roxanne Rowe (Alberta)

Kimberly Benoit (CUASA)
2013 St. John's. NL (June 6-9) Kimberly Benoit (CUASA)

Kim O'Reilly & Jill Diamond Strong, (MUNFA)




(May 29 - June 01)


Valarie Nickel & Don  Kozak (Calgary)

Lori Morinville (CAFA) & Linda Wagner (AASUA)

Courtyard Marriott



Quebec City

(June 4-7, 2015)

Marcus Harvey (Trent)

& Lise Robichaud (ABPPUM)

Genevieve Robichaud (CAFA/APUC)


Chateau Laurier Quebec



May 26-29, 2016

Valerie Nickel (UBCFA)

& Lori Morinville (CAFA)

Darrell Maclean (MSVU)

& Donna Balkan (DFA)

The Westin Nova Scotian



June 1-4, 2017

Sheila Miller & Don Kozak (Calgary)

Linda Wagner (AASUA) & Lori Morinville(CAFA)

Banff Park Lodge



May 24-27, 2018

Robin Roff(UBC), Roxanne Rowe(CAFA), Lori Morinville(CAFA)

 Debbie Noble(WUFA), Kristin Skinner (YUFA), & Rhonda Clark-George (QUFA)

Delta Kingston Waterfront



Date TBA

Lori Morinville (CAFA)

Annabree Fairweather (ULFA)

Haida Antolick (CUFA/BC), Elizabeth Polnicky (QUFA)

Whistler, BC

Date TBA

Leslie Jermyn (QUFA)

Betty-Ann Cox (USFA)

Valarier Nickel (UBC), Debbie Noble (WUFA)