Past Surveys

Part of the benefit of belonging to COFAS is the sharing of information and practices throughout various University Faculty Association offices.  Below you will find a sampling of surveys that were conducted with COFAS members about various issues.  The information in these surveys may be helpful to your association. If your office has surveys that would be helpful to others at COFAS, please send them in electronic format to Jean Roath, Webmaster.




2003 11
Evaluation used for Association Staff

2003 10
Provision of copies of letter of appointment
Pat Moore University of Waterloo      Response from member associations re Appointment letters

2003 09
Contact with academic candidates prior to hiring
Phyllis DeRosa Koetting
McMaster University      Contact with New Appointees

2003 06
Course release for union business; compassionate leave; annual leave (Ontario only)
Kimberly Benoit
Brock University      Results of Brock survey

2003 05
External Referees for Promotion to Associate Professor

2003 04
Officers and Directors Liability Insurance


Presidential Search Committees: faculty representation on
Judy Munkitt
Association of Professors Bishops University

2003 03
Pension Governance
Pat Baker
Mount St. Vincent University

2002 08
Pension Governance
Donna Gray

1998 03