Past Conference Agendas and minutes

COFAS conferences are well planned in order to give the maximum benefit to our members over a 2-day annual get-together.  Sometimes COFAS uses in-house expertise to deliver lectures or training sessions, and sometimes outside experts are hired to share their knowledge of leading-edge processes.  Each year, the coordinators bring their own special flare and flavour to the annual meetings - from nation-wide issues and topics of interest to workshops and future planning.  The highlight of each conference is the group dinner which traditionally celebrate the region's food and hospitatlity. A selection of past COFAS agendas are attached below for viewing.

Minutes can be viewed at:


2018 Agenda

2017 Agenda

2016 Agenda

2015 Agenda

2014 Agenda

2013 Agenda

2012 Agenda

2011 Agenda

 2010 Agenda

2009 Agenda

2008 Agenda

2007 Agenda

2006 Agenda

2005 Agenda

2004 Agenda

2003 Agenda

2002 Agenda

2001 Agenda

2000 Agenda

1999 Agenda

1998 Agenda

1997 Agenda

1996 Agenda

1995 Agenda

1994 Agenda

1993 Agenda

1992 Agenda

1991 Agenda

1990 Agenda

1989 Agenda

1988 Agenda

1987 Agenda

1986 Agenda

1985 Agenda

1983 Agenda

The COFAS logo was designed for the 2005 COFAS conference in Vancouver by -Varga. Since that time, it has been customized on various occastions to represent the regional conferences. Here are some of the creative designs.