Canadian Organization of Faculty Association Staff

‘Above & Beyond” Award

The COFAS Above & Beyond Award is not a competition.  It is intended to recognize any members who have gone ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty in the last two years of service.  The success of their award process is contingent upon your involvement.

Any COFAS member in good standing who has been a continuous member for a minimum of two years is eligible to be nominated for the COFAS Above & Beyond Award.  The nominating COFAS member(s) should base the recommendation on the following criterion:

¤  Willingness to go ‘above and beyond’ what would be considered normal job responsibilities on behalf of their Faculty Association or Provincial/national office, their community or COFAS as demonstrated through specific actions

¤  Often these individuals and their unsung acts of service go unrecognized as they are not recognized in traditional ways. Their stories need to be told!

¤  They are an inspiration to others, and show integrity ‘behind the scenes.’ Their ability and willingness to work cooperatively with fellow associates and/or COFAS members is valued.

¤  They show a special aptitude towards helping associates who have personal and professional challenges that impact work life

¤  Nominations can include compliments/recommendations from other clients

¤  The summary of accomplishments should be listed in point form on the accompanying form.  Parts of the written submission may be used during the awards ceremony to help recognize the recipient’s achievements


Lisa McGifford (Executive Director - UWFA)

Brenda Rennie (Executive Director - ULFA)

Jean Roath (Administrative Assistant - WUFA)

Brigitte Schotch (Dalhousie)


Kimberly Benoit (Executive Director—Brock)

Kim Canning (Member Services Officer--Regina)

Pat Finn (Executive Director—Carleton)

Norma Gibbon (Administrative Assistant—Lethbridge)

Lori Morinville (Administrative Officer—CAFA)

Debbie Noble (Windsor)

Jean Roath (Administrative Assistant—Windsor)

Brigitte Schotch (Dalhousie)

Maureen Sims (Executive Director—Ryerson)